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  About us

AUFORIA is a project which was established on insights and strong experience of people who want to deliver a modern and ambitious company focused on the promotion, marketing and sales of medical cannabis in Poland. We have over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, but what is more important, we are the ones who was creating the cannabis market in Poland, gaining experience in the world’s largest companies in the cannabis industry. For many years we have been responsible for product registration, logistics, distribution, marketing, promotion, as well as leading sales teams. We perfectly know what steps should be taken to launch the product into the market, how to educate and collaborate with HCP’s to obtain expected results. One of our greatest assets is the access and incessant contact with the medical community who is interested in cannabis based therapy in whole Poland. We also stay in close current contact with KOL’s of many therapeutic areas.
Based on our experience we want to deliver the highest quality products to the polish market. Starting on fast growing market at its first days we have ambition to become the leader of cannabis market in few years. We are sure that the cannabis based medicine in Poland has a big opportunity for growing and will permanently stay a part of everyday treatment method.


We are looking for business partners with experience in the cultivation and production of medical cannabis, especially dried flowers and oil forms. According to the latest regulations in Poland, we look for the manufacturer, which can provide all necessary tests and production certificates, such as EU-GMP, quality certificates, product stability tests and others. If you find our project interesting and it meets your business strategy we strongly encourage you to contact us for more details.



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